Category: Hand Props

Vintage Flashlights

3D modeled and printed vintage flashlight shells designed to hold a functional modern flashlight inside. Used during a Broadway-style dance number. Total of 30 created for film project….

Magic Music Box

Box made of oak plywood, brass, and plexiglass. Lights, motorized handle, and small fog effect all controlled individually through wireless DMX. Visit my blog to see how it…

Master Sword

Master Sword based off of┬áThe Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. Personal project, 2014. See pictures and video of how it was made.  

Sword Cane Handle

A new handle for an existing sword cane, inspired by Dr. Who. Oak painted in metallic auto body paint. See pictures and video of the construction process at…

Three-Quarter Hilt Rapier

Mild steel shaped with files, grinders, oxy-acetylene torch, and MIG welding. Wire-wrapped handle. Class project, Ohio University, 2004.  

Pink Candlestick Phones

Twelve matching non-functioning candlestick phones used in a dance number. Vacuum formed plastic bases, turned poplar ear pieces and necks, PVC tube and MDF. Read how they were…

Assassin’s Creed Tomahawk

Poplar handle, MDF blade, leather, feathers and beads. See pictures and video of how it was made. Personal project, 2015.

King’s Crown

Soldered Brass. All’s Well That Ends Well, Triad Stage, 2014. Directed by Preston Lane. Set Design by Robin Vest.