Author: erichart

Vintage Flashlights

3D modeled and printed vintage flashlight shells designed to hold a functional modern flashlight inside. Used during a Broadway-style dance number. Total of 30 created for film project….

Liquor Cabinet

Art Deco inspired liquor cabinet made with maple plywood, kerf cut for curves, finished with stain and shellac. Read about how it was made. And Then There Were…

Magic Music Box

Box made of oak plywood, brass, and plexiglass. Lights, motorized handle, and small fog effect all controlled individually through wireless DMX. Visit my blog to see how it…

Donkey Head Mask

Varaform over sculpted WED clay. A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Triad Stage, 2018. Designed by Hannah Chalman. 

75mm Cannon

I constructed this modified replica of a World War I 75mm cannon from a mix of plywood, MDF, PVC, acrylic, steel and found objects. See the construction process…

Master Sword

Master Sword based off of The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. Personal project, 2014. See pictures and video of how it was made.  

Titus Andronicus hand

Hand molded in alginate from actor and cast in plaster. Plaster hand molded in silicone rubber and cast in silicone rubber (Dragon Skin). See how it was made…

Dragon Egg Chest

A replica of the chest used on Game of Thrones to hold the petrified dragon eggs given to Daenerys. Ash, steel, styrene, and vinyl fabric. See pictures and video…


Wood construction and upholstery. Visit my blog to see how it was made. The Price, Triad Stage, 2017. Directed by Preston Lane. Set Design by Fred Kinney.

Prince Charming’s Throne

Poplar, turned legs, steel reinforcement. Upholstery and painting done by additional artisans. Cendrillon, Santa Fe Opera, 2006. Directed by Laurent Pelly. Set design by Barbara de Limburg.

Sword Cane Handle

A new handle for an existing sword cane, inspired by Dr. Who. Oak painted in metallic auto body paint. See pictures and video of the construction process at…

Three-Quarter Hilt Rapier

Mild steel shaped with files, grinders, oxy-acetylene torch, and MIG welding. Wire-wrapped handle. Class project, Ohio University, 2004.  

Crow Puppet

Puppet built with aluminum and plastic mechanisms, and covered in XLPE foam skin. Watch a video to see the mechanisms in action at my blog. Snow Queen, Triad…

Pink Candlestick Phones

Twelve matching non-functioning candlestick phones used in a dance number. Vacuum formed plastic bases, turned poplar ear pieces and necks, PVC tube and MDF. Read how they were…

Park Bench

Park bench constructed of plywood. Decoration created from existing resin castings, Ethafoam, upholstery fringe, and wood carvings. See pictures of how it was built. The Rake’s Progress, Santa…

Dead Deer

I made a dead deer with articulation so it would move realistically as it was carried around the stage. I began with a urethane foam taxidermy form which…

Assassin’s Creed Tomahawk

Poplar handle, MDF blade, leather, feathers and beads. See pictures and video of how it was made. Personal project, 2015.


Six-foot diameter chandelier. Metal rings with acrylic crystals. 39 Steps, Triad Stage. Directed by Jen Wineman, set design by Timothy Mackabee.

King’s Crown

Soldered Brass. All’s Well That Ends Well, Triad Stage, 2014. Directed by Preston Lane. Set Design by Robin Vest.

Ceremonial Cannons

Four ceremonial cannons. Barrels were turned foam, coated in Aqua Resin, with PVC. Bases were plywood, MDF and purchased wheels. La Grande-Duchesse de Gérolstein, Santa Fe Opera, 2013. Directed…

Head of King Pentheus

One of several iterations for the head of King Pentheus. Cast silicone rubber, fake hair, glass eye. The Bacchae, Shakespeare in the Park, 2009. Directed by JoAnne Akalitis. Set Design by…

Garden Gnome

My wife and I built this oversized garden gnome based on the design from a previous production. Foam, papier-mache, epoxy. Broke-o-logy, Lincoln Center Theatre, 2009. Set design by Donyale…

Decorative chairs

Chinese style chairs. Alder and plywood with a hidden steel structure in the back. Tea: A Mirror of Soul, Santa Fe Opera, 2007. Set design by Rumi Matsui.

Art Deco Footlights

A set of 14 matching Art Deco footlights. Each constructed from a single sheet of aluminum cut to shape and folded, then painted. Sleep No More, New York…

Toy Cart

A push cart with custom-fabricated steel wheels and a custom mechanical wheel-locking mechanism so the performer could brake it with a flip of a handle. Painting and decoration…

Roast Lamb

Silicone rubber over a taxidermy form which was modified to move like a real dead lamb. During the show, video was projected showing the preparation and cooking of…

Six-foot tall Microscope

A six-foot tall stylized microscope based off of a client’s logo. MDF, plywood, Sonotube, PVC, metal.