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75mm Cannon

75mm Cannon

I constructed this modified replica of a World War I 75mm cannon from a mix of plywood, MDF, PVC, acrylic, steel and found objects. All’s Well That Ends…

Snow Queen Puppets

Set of puppets built with Bill Brewer and Lisa Bledsoe. Snow Queen, Triad Stage, 2013 and modified in 2014.

Twelve phones

Pink Candlestick Phones

Twelve matching non-functioning candlestick phones used in a dance number. Vacuum formed plastic bases, turned poplar ear pieces and necks, PVC tube and MDF. Crazy For You, Elon…


Six-foot diameter chandelier. Metal rings with acrylic crystals. 39 Steps, Triad Stage. Directed by Jen Wineman, set design by Timothy Mackabee.