Category: Bodies

Titus hand

Titus Andronicus hand

Hand molded in alginate from actor and cast in plaster. Plaster hand molded in silicone rubber and cast in silicone rubber (Dragon Skin). Titus Andronicus, Public Theater, 2011. Set…

Snow Queen Puppets

Set of puppets built with Bill Brewer and Lisa Bledsoe. Snow Queen, Triad Stage, 2013 and modified in 2014.


Dead Deer

I made a dead deer with articulation so it would move realistically as it was carried around the stage. I began with a urethane foam taxidermy form which…

Head of King Pentheus

Head of King Pentheus

One of several iterations for the head of King Pentheus. Cast silicone rubber, fake hair, glass eye. The Bacchae, Shakespeare in the Park, 2009. Directed by JoAnne Akalitis. Set Design by…

Roast Lamb

Roast Lamb

Silicone rubber over a taxidermy form which was modified to move like a real dead lamb. During the show, video was projected showing the preparation and cooking of…